FASTCOINEX has already been aware of the significance of personal information of users. It will abide by relevant laws and regulations of various countries, respect and protect the personal information of users at any moment. In order to provide better utility programs and services for access, we will collect, store, maintain and use your personal information. Therefore, by privacy policy, FASTCOINEX hereby reveals how to use, store your personal information and ensure the security of it when services are offered.

1 Information collection
When you register for, trade or use our services, it means that you permit us to collect your personal information. In this case, FASTCOINEX won’t collect your personal information by cheating or improper means, besides, it won’t request you to provide any information beyond the scope of the privacy policy. We collect your personal information for the purpose of communicating with you conveniently to provide better services. The collected personal information may include:

Identity information: when registering or using FASTCOINEX account, you need to provide your name, ID card No. and other personal information. In addition, you need to provide you mobile phone No. for SMS verification.

Usage information: information related to your equipment or Internet service in the process of using the FASTCOINEX platform, including but not limited to IP address, access data and time, device identification, etc.

Trade information: including but not limited to recharge and withdrawal record, transaction record, etc.

2 Protection and use of information security
FASTCOINEX won’t use your personal information for any other purpose. Without your consent, this website won’t sell or reveal your information to any third party; FASTCOINEX will conduct encrypted storage and management of your information through technology. Only you are allowed to use and modify your personal information. Without authorization, no any other person can have access to your information. In this case, this website will protect the security of your personal information to the utmost extent, in addition, it won’t reveal or falsify any of your information.

You understand and agree that FASTCOINEX is entitled to provide the user information, transaction record and other essential information of you on this website to the government (including the judicial and administrative departments) as required. Where you are suspected of infringing upon the intellectual property and other lawful rights and interests of other people, FASTCOINEX is also entitled to provide your necessary identity information to the obligee under the preliminary judgement on your infringement.

3 Information settings
You are allowed to log in this website to check, add, modify or delete your personal information at any time. Under certain circumstances, you may contact us by email or other means for modification.

4 Statement

To ensure that you are fully confident of us processing personal data, you need to thoroughly read and understand the contents of the privacy policy. Once you use our service, whether you are registered or not, it shows that you accept, agree on, promise and confirm the privacy policy:

You are willing to reveal your personal data to us; You will abide by all terms and conditions of this privacy policy; You permit us to collect your information in the process when you log in, register for and / or use the services provided by us; You agree on any modification made by us to the privacy policy in the future.

5 Problems and questions of privacy

Your ID password is safeguarded by yourself. You should protect the security of the password at any time and not reveal it to any other person easily. Please contact us in time if you find that your password is revealed, that your information is abnormal, or that you have any other problem, question and suggestion.