Fastcoinex is a leading bitcoin futures trading platform, with advantages of low entry barrier - starting from $0.5 everyone can invest, up to 200x leverage,attractive profits, and lightning fast trading speed.

World’s first Bitcoin one-day mini futures, currently offers 3 contracts for BTC, ETH and EOS with USDT trading pairs.

Obtain the prices of 5 major (zb, okex, huobi, binance, and bitfinex) exchanges in real time, and calculate the weighted average price, 20% respectively.

Quotations will not be manipulated, fair and reasonable.

Click “ my “ – “ setting “ – “Change password” , follow the prompts and complete the password resetting after SMS verification.

Click “ my “ – “ Register / Login “ – “Forgot password” , follow the prompts and complete the password resetting after SMS verification.

Please check status of local network


a. Check if GPRS traffic and WIFI are turned on at the same time. It is recommended that customers turn off GPRS and only open WIFI;

b. Clear cache, restart the phone and log in again;

c. Try another WIFI or phone instead.

Your funds will be converted to USDT and to trade account automatically after deposit. If you want to withdraw, you must transfer USDT from trade account to wallet account first.

Deposit: No limit ;
Withdraw: No less than 1 USDT each time and cannot be greater than the available balance .

Deposits ( Minimum ) Withdraws ( Minimum )

Clear fund in your account and contact the customer service to delete account.

Charges vary depending on the platform the user is using.

Depends on the platform you are using.

Click "My" - "Setting" , choose “Change Color”-"Red and Green" or "Green and Red".


(JST – Japan Standard Time, UTC/GMT+9)

Trading Hours: 06:00 a.m. ~ 05:00 a.m. on the next day
Settlement Hours: 05:00 a.m. ~ 06:00 a.m.
Market Calendar: Monday ~ Sunday (except for maintenance, upgrade, settlement or other reasons).

You can hold a position until the closing time (Tokyo Time, 05:00 a.m. UTC+9), the position will be automatically closed at last 5-minute average trading price if you didn’t close it.

0.5%, 1.0%,2% and 10%.

Margin Ratio Open Position Fee Close Position Fee Additional Fee (Interest, etc.)
1% 0.1% N N
0.5% 0.07% N N

Minimum margin per order = Quoting price * Minimum Margin Ration (0.5%) * Minimum Quantity

Minimum Quantity: 0.02 BTC, 1 ETH, 20 EOS

Minimum per order Maximum per order Total positions
BTC 00.02 50 100
ETH 1 1,000 2,000
EOS 20 50,000 100,000

Buy (long): floating P/L = (Current Price - Open Price) * Quantity
Sell (short): floating P/L = (Open Price - Current Price) * Quantity
Maximum loss per order = Margin * 80%
Take BTC as an example, suppose you buy (long) 2 BTC at price of 6,000 USDT with 1% margin, the price of margin = 6,000 * 1% *2 = 120 USDT;
When BTC price increases to 6,500 USDT, floating P/L = (6,500 – 6,000) * 2 = 1,000 USDT (Profit);
When BTC price drops to 5,980 USDT, floating P/L = (5,980 – 6,000) * 2 = - 40 USDT ( Loss);
When total loss hits 96usdt (80% of margin),system will liquidate the position.
And vice versa.

1. Close at your own stop-loss / take-profit target;
2. Close at system default stop-loss / take-profit (80% / 200%) ;
3. Every day at 05:00 a.m. ( Tokyo Time, UTC+9).

You can set the Stop-Loss/ Take-Profit price when you open the position, also you are allowed to adjust it after you open the position.