Fastcoinex is a global leading digital currency trading platform and dedicated to provide quality services to digital asset traders internationally. Fastcoinex was founded in 2018 and is based in Seychelles. Company establishes independent trading business and operation centers in Seychelles, Hong Kong, Singapore.

Year of 2018 is considered that with great potential growth in derivatives industry and Fastcoinex is the first digital currency exchange offers high quality derivative trading product on mobile terminal.

Fastcoinex offers world first “Daily Mini Futures” contract with mainstream cryptocurrencies (BTC/ETH/EOS) /usdt trading pair and it is available on PC and Mobile terminal.

The trading system has significant advantages includes high liquidity, fair fees and fast speed matching engine. Company plans to launch new derivative products for clients in near future, serve the demand of hedging and provide new channels to investors globally.

The team has decade long professional experience in operating financial derivative trading exchange systems in industry specialized in sales and trading/clearing /technical support/database hosting/compliance/risk management/investor education.

Fastcoinex is open to business partnership ( Agent / Broker ) internationally, prospect for a better future.

Competitive Advantage

Low fund requirement: minimum amount of 0.5$, retail trader friendly

High leverage: up to 200x , more potential profit at risk;

High speed: orders are executed smoothly with great liquidity ;

Long/short: provide both long/short position;

Trustworthy: no ICO, only most adopted USDT trading pairs are listed, no manipulation; Limited risk: relatively small amount of margin and daily settled.


Outstanding track record of handling trillion transactions;

Experience in constructing world-class risk control system;

Professional distributed architecture and anti-DDOS attack system;

Multi-signature and cold wallet storage technology, asset security and high-intensity encryption, providing anti-attack protection;

Monitoring network in real time.


Easy to use: click and trade;

Multi-platform: Andriod APK, Google Play and mobile terminal (HTML5);

Multi-language: provide multi-language service for international clients.

Call center: customer service 7*24 online at your service;

Global service: set up service centers in many regions internationally.